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Brian at Forks of the River

It’s really important to have photos of the people you love. Even if they are just simple snapshots, your future self will be grateful.

How do I know this? Because I have a photo of my father in a tiny suit when he was probably one year old. I have a photo of his father when he was in the Army serving in the Pacific. I have a photo of my mother’s parents when they were in their twenties.

It’s amazing to look at these photos and see where my chin, cheekbones, and nose come from. And it’s amazing to get a totally new view of a person you know so well, but only from certain decades of their life. This is why I say it’s important to have photos of the people you love.

I recently realized my husband hasn’t been photographed since our wedding (nearly six years ago!). He had a baby face then. And no beard. And no gray hairs. So it was high time for new photos!

He grumbled only a little bit. But he ultimately indulged me (I think I maybe bribed him with the promise of a cheeseburger???). We drove to Forks of the River, a beautiful, quiet spot in South Knoxville. It’s hunting land managed by TWRA, but it’s also frequently used by runners, mountain bikers, and hikers. It’s accessible by the Will Skelton greenway, which makes it a popular spot. Plus, there are a lot of dreamy fields and forests that look great in the setting sun.

Despite a few grumbles (and him being a goofball and making jokes the whole time, as usual), I am so glad I took these photos. They are already a treasure to me.

I know that when we are older and grayer — maybe in our 70s or 80s — these are going to speak volumes and be a reminder of our early life together.

Please don’t wait to take photos of the people that matter to you. The perfect time is now.


If you’re interested in portraits, just give me a shout. I’d love to hear from you. Or feel free to take a look at some of my other portrait galleries.


Black and white portrait of a man at Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area. A man standing in a sunlit field. Headshot of a man looking peaceful in the woods. A man closing his eyes, laughing in the woods. A man in a chambray shirt stands smiling in the woods. Black and white close-up portrait of a man standing in a field. A man stands on a dirt path in the woods.

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Brian at Forks of the River

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