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Caraco Family Portraits at Baker Creek (Plus One!)

A few years back, I got to photograph his beautiful family at one of my favorite spots: Baker Creek Preserve. At that time, they were a family of three. This time around, they are a family of four!

Baby Alexandria is sooooo very calm just like her parents. She has three tiny teeth that I knew I wanted to capture for her parents, and it took a little coaxing to get her to show them. But dad, Adam, saved the day by throwing her into the air (which she loved) and blowing raspberries on her tummy. That brought the smiles!

Her big brother Arthur is growing up so fast! He has reported to me that he is enjoying being a big brother, and he is “excited to teach her lots of cool things.” 😍 At our last session he had a boo-boo on his toe. Not this time! He was in fine form and ready to go!

I so enjoyed working with this lovely family. Not only are they good friends of mine, but they have a beautiful calm presence that I’m sure you’ll see in these photos! I hope you enjoy these portraits, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

To see more of my family photo sessions just head to this page! And if you have questions about portraits at Baker Creek (or anywhere else!) you can drop me a line.


Family of four's portrait on a gravel road.

A father holds a baby girl who has her fingers in her mouth.

A little boy in a blue shirt and hat laughs at the camera.

A father holds hands with his young son and walks down a gravel road.

A young mother holds her baby girl and looks down at her son.

A young boy holds his little sister in his lap.

A father and son cuddle and sit on a blanket in the shade.

A smiling mother holds up her baby girl who looks cranky.

A smiling father holds his smiling baby girl.

A kneeling mother and son hug in the sunshine on a gravel road.

A little boy stomps along a gravel road in the sunshine.

Portrait of a mother, father, and two children at Baker Creek Preserve in Knoxville, TN.

A little boy looks up at the camera with a feather in front of his face.

A baby girl with a big smile shows her three tiny teeth.

A baby girl laughs and shows her three tiny teeth.

A young boy in a cape comforts his baby sister who is crying.

A young boy wearing a red cape plays on a log play structure.

A baby girl wearing pink fairy wings looks off into the distance.

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Caraco Family Portraits at Baker Creek (Plus One!)

  1. Uncle Francis Caraco says:

    Your family is beautiful and growing so fast. Buona Natalie!

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