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How to Prepare for a Family Photo Session

“Ugh…I don’t know what to wear.”  …searches closet…    “I don’t have anything to wear.”   feeling of exasperation sets in…

“How do I get everyone else dressed?”  “When will I have time to eat today?” “What if the kids are cranky and misbehave?”

Sound familiar? If the answer is yes, that’s OK. Please don’t stress! There’s an answer to everything, and I’ve got some tips to help you prepare for your family photo session so that you can enjoy the time with your family and be in the moment instead of feeling frazzled.

  1. Pick out clothing: For real; don’t stress out about this one. When we set up your session, I’ll send you a style guide to help take the stress out of getting dressed. And you can send me your outfit choices ahead of time to get feedback.
  2. Pick location: Again, no stress! I’ll send you suggestions of my favorite locations in Knoxville! We’ll find the perfect location for your family.
    Mother and father with their baby at Meads Quarry.
  3. Schedule naps: OK, well, this one is on you. 🙂  If there are little ones in your family, try to give them a nap beforehand so they’re not super-tired or cranky when photo time comes around.
  4. Schedule snacks/meals. I know I get cranky when I don’t eat enough (my husband knows this, too!), so make sure everyone has a little snack before the session. But be sure to eat before you put on the clothes you’ve picked out for your photos.
  5. Schedule to arrive 15 minutes early. Yes, make this your plan, and be realistic about your family’s typical MO. If you tend to run behind, take that into account when preparing yourselves. We all feel better when we arrive at an appointment with time to spare rather than flying out the car, breathing hard, and trying to fix our hair (and the little ones’ hair) at the same time. This all falls under making the best experience possible for YOU. I want YOU and your family to have fun, be relaxed, and enjoy yourselves.

    Young boy reading a dinosaur book at Baker Creek Preserve.
  6. Think about how you want to use your photos. Look for empty wall space in your home/office. Do you need to get prints to update existing frames? Want to create a new gallery in a large, empty space? Do you want a gallery app on your phone that you can access at all times? I can help lead you through this decision process and make suggestions for wall art.
  7. Relax. I will take care of you, I promise! Above all, my goal is that you have a great time connecting with your family. I’ll help you all along the way, from getting ready, what to do with yourself at the session, and accessing your photos or ordering prints if desired. This is all about you.


A young boy laughing at Baker Creek Preserve.

Do you have other concerns? Send me an email, and we’ll work it out. You can also get more info on my photo process, and more info on photo pricing here on my website.

A grandmother holds her baby granddaughter and smiles.

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How to Prepare for a Family Photo Session

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