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Branding Photography in Sequoyah Hills with Shannon Johnson

If you’re not familiar with Shannon Johnson’s artwork, you need to go visit her Instagram account right now!

Shannon is a seriously talented mixed media artist right here in Knoxville. You can find her artwork done in acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, needle and thread, and even brewed tea and tea bags among other mediums! I love seeing the creativity within the materials she chooses. Aside from being a fantastic artist, she is also a high school art teacher (lucky students!).

Shannon was the winner of my birthday branding session giveaway back in March. But, as we all know, COVID-19 had other plans for the country in March. So we postponed our session until late May and practiced social distancing measures for safety!

Shannon said that she needed help showing the face behind the artwork so that her clients can connect with her more, so that’s exactly what we worked on for her head shots! We met at the lovely and tiny Talahi Park, which is right beside Sequoyah Hills Park in Knoxville. Literally they touch! This bite-sized park has a European feel and some really nice art deco elements. I highly recommend checking it out! It’s small, but there’s plenty of space for a blanket and pic-nic!

Shannon and I had only met once before this day, but this lady is so warm and kind, and it made our session really fun and a breeeeeeeze! Most people tend to have anxiety about having their photo taken; it’s only natural. But at the end of our session, Shannon smiled and said, “That was actually fun!” I agree with her, and I also take that as a huge compliment! My goal is to always make my clients feel comfortable and have the best experience possible.

Shannon, thanks for being a great client and having fun with me!  I hope that your branding photos help you with your painting business and represent you well!

If you need head shots and branding photos, I’d love to chat with you and learn more about precisely what you need. Shoot me an email, and we’ll schedule a call.


Knoxville artist Shannon Johnson in Sequoyah Hills Park.

Knoxville artist Shannon Johnson stands inside Talahi Park.

Knoxville artist Shannon Johnson stands at Talahi Park.

A collage of images of Knoxville artist Shannon Johnson at Talahi Park.

Head shots of Knoxville artist Shannon Johnson stands in Sequoyah Park.

A collage of Knoxville artist Shannon Johnson.

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Branding Photography in Sequoyah Hills with Shannon Johnson

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