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Annie’s Second Birthday at Knoxville Botanical Gardens

Standing under the tall hemlock trees, Annie started off a little shy, hiding behind her hat and big beach ball. But within five minutes, she had really warmed up! In no time flat, she was bouncing around, throwing her ball to me, and offering me her Ninja Turtle action figure. In my book, being offered a toy is the ultimate compliment from a toddler! 🙂 

Annie’s mom reached out to me to capture this little one around her second birthday. We had such a great evening at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens in spite of the summer heat! Annie is super-fun, super-spunky, and has so many dimensions! I love what we were able to capture. I’ve been calling it “the Many Expressions of Annie Moon” in my head (Moon is her middle name) as I processed the photos! You’ll see why. Some of my favorite images below show the wide range of emotions that Annie experienced during our hour-long session.

You might be able to tell from the photos, but this little spark plug really loves to move! In fact, her mom says it’s one of her favorite things to do. On the move all the time! But she did slow down a bit when she noticed a stray kitty in the garden. She was very interested, so she and her dad tried to approach the cat near the bamboo forest. Annie stayed honed in on the kitty the whole time! After realizing that the kitty was not too friendly or ready for cuddles, it was back to running from garden to garden!

Thanks so much to this beautiful family for this session! It was so fun to work with Ian, Khann, and Annie, and I’m so grateful I was invited into their lives for this session. Happy second birthday, Annie! May you always keep your spark and exuberance!

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Annie’s Second Birthday at Knoxville Botanical Gardens

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