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Kolesar Family Holiday Photos

Before we could begin this session, sweet little Evelyn wanted to have some PlayDoh playtime with her Papa (her father) at the kitchen table. While everyone else gathered and prepared to walk outside, they sat at the kitchen table while Papa made different styles of hats out of  PlayDoh, and Evelyn giggled at each one. 

This is the fourth photo session I’ve had with this family and the third that includes Evelyn as a tiny human! It’s been so rewarding to see this family grow year after year in such big ways. Evelyn shows more personality and more spunk every time I see her.

This year, more family joined us for photos: Kristen’s mother and father (Oma and Pop-Pop), as well as the family’s German au pair, Frederika. I absolutely love doing multi-generational sessions. It’s truly a gift to witness, and I know that these will be images that Evelyn values when she’s older. It’s a gift that really does keep on giving for generations.

I met the Kolesars at their home for this session, and we walked down an old, wooded path to a beautiful clearing above the Tennessee River. Evelyn was happy to run around in the open space, taking the opportunity to walk along a downed tree, and receive lots of hugs from everyone around. She took turns running from person to person in the group, playing and laughing and encouraging everyone to play with her as well! I’m sure you can tell what a sweet kid she is by looking at the grin on her face below. Those bright blue eyes carry so much excitement and adventure within them! And those little blonde curls are just too much.

Many thanks to the Kolesar family for inviting me to capture memories for them again! It was an honor, as always. Sending warm wishes to you all for the new year.

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Kolesar Family Holiday Photos

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