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Salmon-Goertz Family at Meads Quarry

A mother and father hold their baby boy by a lake.

I was so thrilled when I got an email from Verity asking about a family photo session.

About five years ago, I photographed Verity and Hans’s wedding at Big Ridge State Park. And now, they have a baby boy and wanted family photos to commemorate this new chapter in their lives. As a photographer, this type of full-circle moment is golden! Seeing these two get married, and then transition to parents, is really special to witness (and it’s an honor to be asked to witness it from behind the lens!). 

I met this little family outdoors at Meads Quarry on a beautiful late summer morning. Their baby boy, who looks just like both of them, has the cutest and wildest cowlick you will ever see. The bright blonde swirl stays upright no matter what! 

And he was so chill during the session. Nothing seemed to bother him, and he didn’t have a care in the world. He seemed happy to just be there, and he was more than generous with his beautiful little smile. 

I always suggest that parents bring a toy or two to keep babies happy during the session. I loved how intentional Hans and Verity were with the items they chose brought with them. An antique wooden baby rattle, and a handmade lace baby blanket. These precious heirlooms were great additions to the session and added deeper meaning for them.

It was such a pleasure and honor to work with this couple again! Thanks to Verity and Hans and their adorable baby for a great session.

A young family holds their baby by a lake.
A father holds his infant's tiny hand.
A smiling baby lies on a blanket outside.
A young family with a baby stands in an open field.
A baby boy with blue eyes teethes on a wooden rattle.
A baby boy with blue eyes smiles and teethes on a wooden rattle.
A baby boy and his mother play in a field.
A young family plays in an open field.
A young family with a baby plays in an open field.

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Salmon-Goertz Family at Meads Quarry

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