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Ashley + Adam’s Appalachian Wedding

I had the honor of photographing the wedding of friends I’ve known since I moved to Knoxville in 2008. Ashley is calm, gentle, and exceedingly kind. Adam is philosophic, inquisitive, and an old soul.

They got married at the charming Museum of Appalachia in Clinton, Tennessee. It was a warm and beautiful evening. The sun just started to set. The crowd of friends and family gathered in a large field, with each seat holding a small gift: basil plants grown by Adam. The couple said their vows in front of an ages-old grist mill and lush forest. You could hear the peacocks that roam the property calling every now and then during the ceremony. And their friend, Joseph, played acoustic guitar, which traveled across the field.

Arthur, their adorable two-year-old son, served as the ring bearer. No worries, though! His grandfather secured the rings to his tiny belt with a child-proof carabiner. Arthur did end up stealing the show a few times! But, he was a champ and held it together until he could run off and play with his cousins. He only required a little cuddling by his dad during the ceremony.

One of my favorite moments from this wedding? In true Appalachian fashion, someone slipped Ashley a shot of whiskey after the ceremony! Sweet P’s BBQ brought a full BBQ spread for the dinner. Friends and family also brought in a huge and beautiful assortment of cakes and pies to share! So, basically, it was heaven!

This wedding was lovely, simple, and elegant. Congratulations to my dear friends Ashley and Adam (and Arthur!) on your life together! May your journey only get more beautiful from here!

If you have questions about wedding photography email me, and we’ll talk it out! I’d love to hear from you. Or take a look at my other wedding blogs.


Wedding party and guests at Museum of Appalachia. Bride's bouquet at a summer wedding at the Museum of Appalachia. Museum of Appalachia summer wedding. Bride drinking whiskey after vows at Museum of Appalachia. Bride drinking whiskey after vows at Museum of Appalachia. Bride and groom at Museum of Appalachia. Bride stands with her bouquet at Museum of Appalachia. Groom holds his toddler son at wedding. Bride at summer wedding at Museum of Appalachia. The old grist mill at Museum of Appalachia. Wedding prep at Museum of Appalachia. Wedding favors at Museum of Appalachia. Toddler holds flower at his parents' wedding. The ring bearer at a Museum of Appalachia wedding. Toddler and guest at Museum of Appalachia wedding. The old grist mill at Museum of Appalachia.


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Ashley + Adam’s Appalachian Wedding

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