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Liz + Ruby at the Farm House

This mother and daughter photo session was so magical!

Just picture this: a 1930s farm house that has been beautifully restored and is filled with light. A sprawling yard complete with chickens, a meadow, a huge old tree with a swing, and a garden. Ample space for a three-year old to run, play, explore, and pretend. The foothills of the Smoky Mountains just beyond the meadow. A lovable and laid-back cat casually strolls around the property.

No, this isn’t in a feature article in the latest Southern Living. This is the rural edges of Knox County where I had a photo session with my lovely friend, Liz, and her adorable and exuberant daughter, Ruby. These two live in the beautiful, light-filled farm house that I just described.

I love lifestyle shoots like this one! I love finding the beauty in my clients’ everyday lives. Something as simple as hanging out in the kitchen, having a snack, or walking through the garden can be transfigured into art with the click of the shutter release. That’s always my hope: that I can help others see how much beauty is in their lives, even if it’s small.

We started our session inside the house in some of Ruby’s favorite spots. In the tee-pee in her bedroom, in the kitchen, and in the living room. We eventually made our way outdoors so that Ruby could have more room to play.

Their sweet cat Sargent (who is quite the love bug and incredibly docile) came by the porch for some attention, and I love the photos of him with Ruby! They look like the best of friends. And you can tell how patient he is by the way he’s being held!

If you’re looking for lifestyle photos like this, just send me an email. Or you’re welcome to take a look at my other family galleries.


A little girl in a white dress riding a tricycle in front of her house. A little girl riding a tricycle in front of her farm house. Portrait of a little girl playing with her cat on the front porch. A little girl plays in the garden in the summer sun. A little girl in a summer dress and rain boots holds a chicken at her farm house. A little girl eats tortilla chips on the kitchen counter. A little girl has a snack on the counter in her light-filled kitchen. A little girl plays with her stuffed monkey in a teepee. Mother and daughter read a book for story time in the bedroom. A little girl swinging in a hammock on her front porch. A little girl in a white dress sitting takes a big drink of water on her front porch. A little girl in a white dress sitting on the front porch of the farmhouse where she lives. A little girl looking bored on the front porch of her farm house. A mother pushes her daughter in a swing at their farm house. A close-up portrait of a little girl playing outside in the summer heat.

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Liz + Ruby at the Farm House

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