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Littlejohn Family at Ijams Nature Center

Oh, how I loved this photography session with the Littlejohns!! It was such a pleasure to work with them and get to know their beautiful family.

Brandon and Talesha are such compassionate, patient, and attentive parents to their one- and three-year-old children. They exemplify the idea that life can be complicated but also full of grace and hope at the same time. They live and breathe it, and it was a beautiful thing to witness.

This was my first time meeting the children. Their little boy, Jonathan, is energetic and spunky. I was able to break the ice and get some fun images of him by talking about Spider Man. That definitely helped me earned some cool points with him! Their baby girl, Trinity, is cool, calm, and collected.  You’ll see how unflappable baby Trinity is in the photos below! She was learning to clap and imitate everyone around her when we had this session. It was a fun challenge to keep up with them both and learn about their personalities.

We met at Ijams Nature Center on a beautiful summer morning and captured some images that I sincerely hope will be their family heirlooms! The whole family interacted so beautifully, it was really a wonderful experience to be around them. I hope you can feel that, too, when you see these images.

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Family photo in front of the pond at Ijams Nature Center.Baby girl smiling and being held by her father. Baby girl smiling, sitting in her father's lap. Baby girl cuddling with her mom in a meadow in the morning light. Father and son hugging in the woods at Ijams Nature Center. Father and baby girl cuddling. Baby girl practicing clapping in her mother's lap.   Little boy being silly and sticking out his tongue for the camera. Baby girl with her hand on her face sitting in her father's lap. Baby girl with her father at Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville. Little boy smiling excitedly at his father.Close-up of a father's hands holding his baby girl.



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Littlejohn Family at Ijams Nature Center

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