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Remington Family at Admiral Farragut Park

Picture a lovely spring evening on the shores of the Tennessee River. Wading birds, ducks, and seagulls line the water and the banks. A few boats cruise off in the distance. Beautiful houses line the banks of the opposite shore. A soft, cool breeze floats by and swirls around your body.

This was the setting for my friend Kara’s family photos. We met me at Admiral Farragut Park, just outside of Knoxville. It’s a lovely riverside park, as I mentioned. It has a wide shoreline where kids can run around and play with rocks, sticks, and shells (as you will see!).  I have known Kara for quite some time, and I’ve known these kids since they were babies (I used to babysit her daughter)! And they are not so little anymore! They are big kids with their own interests and thoughts and opinions! It’s crazy how time flies by so quickly.

And it’s so amazing to look back and see how they’ve changed since our last session! They both seem so grown up now, with funny, very individual little personalities of their own. I’m really grateful that I’ve been a part of their memory making for so long.

Penny is very independent and is constantly making new artwork and drawing cartoons. And she’s very talented, especially for such a young person! Archer is very sweet and loves large machinery and sharks. Be sure to take a look at the shirt he’s wearing!

The interactions between Penny and Archer are so funny! They are at an age where one minute, they are cuddling and hugging. The next minute, they are antagonizing each other and making a big fuss! I hope that these photos will always remind them of this funny sibling relationship.

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Young boy hugging his father's neck at Admiral Farragut Park.A young girl rests her head on her younger brother. A big sister rests her head on her younger brother. Siblings playing by the water at the shoreline of the Tennessee River. Portrait of siblings playing by the Tennessee River. Young boy playing with a stick along the Tennessee River. A young boy playing with a clam shell along the Tennessee riverline. Siblings playing at Admiral Farragut Park. A young girl pretending to be an explorer at the shoreline. A young boy hugging his mother at the riverside. A young boy sits with his mother on the rocks at Admiral Farragut Park. Siblings laughing along a river shoreline.


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Remington Family at Admiral Farragut Park

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