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Knight Family at Baker Creek Preserve

“I’m Spirit! I’m Spirit!” Little Zora proceeded to prance around like a pony and whinny all around Baker Creek Preserve, yelling this at the top of her tiny, little lungs. Spirit’s parents (Jen and Neal,) are pretty used to this and take it in great stride. Apparently, they had heard this same thing quite a few times in the last couple of weeks!

Sidenote: For those of you who live under the rock that I’ve been living under, Spirit is a really popular DreamWorks phenomenon that has captured the hearts of wee kiddos everywhere. And, yes, if features a talking horse named Spirit, among others.

This was a lovely autumn day. The air was crisp but pleasant because of the sunshine. I love that we were able to get some of the glowing, warm autumn photos that I adore so much!

I have to call attention to Spirit’s dress that you’ll see. Her grandmother made that dress with fabric she bought in France. It’s truly a work of art! Be sure to look at the rich colors in the color photos. She also made the lovely shirt that you see Spirit’s mother, Jen, wearing. What a talented lady!

This little girl is a whirlwind of energy and loves to be on the move! You’ll see how much energy and ‘spirit’ she has in the photos below! But for me, that’s the point. I captured this family just as they are in this moment. And I hope that in the years to come this family will be able to look back and remember this period of their lives fondly.

It actually turned out really well that Zora wanted to run around a lot! Jen and Neal were focused on Zora and where she was running next. So, they weren’t so worried about the camera. I love it when families or children get caught up in what they’re doing and forget that I’m there! That’s where the magic happens.

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Knight Family at Baker Creek Preserve

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