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Rex Family Portraits: Three Generations

Three-generation portraits session? Yes, please! Photographing three generations of the Rex family all at once was such a treat.

You may remember my recent family session with the Caracos. This time, I got to work with the extended family: grandparents and siblings. We met at Meads Quarry for our session. The day was warm but showed the beginnings of autumn.

This session was an early Christmas gift to my friend Ashley’s parents (the grandparents you see in the photos, AKA “Nana and Papa”). Ashley said her mom kept hinting that she wanted portraits of the full family, so they finally made it happen.

I love seeing the interactions between the children and grandparents. I hope that these children will grow up to cherish these photos with their Nana and Papa.

A grandmother holds her baby granddaughter and smiles.A mother and father with their children in front of the lake.Grandparents stand with their grandchildren at Meads Quarry. A grandfather smiles and holds his granddaughter.Three generations of women and a baby stand together in front of a lake.Grandparents and their grandchildren outdoors in the fall. Three generations of a family stand in front of a lake in the fall. A baby girl is held in the crook of her father's arm. Three generations of men stand together in front of a lake. A couple stands outdoors in the fall.Sisters stand in from of Meads Quarry lake. A baby and her aunt play with a flower at the lake.A little boy sits on top of a rock by a lake during the fall.

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Rex Family Portraits: Three Generations

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