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Stephanie & Andrew’s Knox County Courthouse Elopement

Love in the time of COVID. So many couples have cancelled or postponed wedding day celebrations this year  because of the pandemic. 

Stephanie and Andrew? Well, they didn’t exactly have a wedding planned, and they didn’t really want a traditional ceremony. So they decided to go ahead and tie the knot at the Knox County Courthouse!

Before I arrived and on the way to the courthouse, it was raining. Sheets and sheets of rain. To be honest, I was more than a little nervous about how to get any decent photos because of the dark skies and tremendous downpour. (If you’re wondering, yes, there were a few breakouts of Ironic by Alanis Morissette. Hey, we’re Millennials.)

Thankfully, the rain eased off just in time. Stephanie and Andrew rode up to the courthouse on their dark blue scooter and were greeted by a tiny group of close friendsall donning masks and toting umbrellas.

While waiting for their appointment time, Stephanie worked on setting up a Zoom call so that the families could watch the couple walk into the courthouse and be a part of the day in some small way.

Eventually it was time, and Stephanie and Andrew slipped through the heavy wooden courthouse doors. After dealing with paperwork (which took the most time by far!) and having the actual ceremony, they emerged, hands clasped high over their heads in victory! Even with masks on, their faces still clearly reflected the joy, excitement, and resolution of what they had just done. 

After a quick bouquet toss to friends, Stephanie and Andrew hopped on their trusty scooter and wheeled down Main Street into the sunset, balloons swaying in the wind and beer cans clattering behind them. 

Stephanie and Andrew, congratulations on getting hitched in style and on your own terms! May you have many, many years of joy, adventures, travel, and homesteading together. The best is still yet to come.

A newly married couple at the Knox County Courthouse. A couple eloping at the Knox County Courthouse. A couple sets up a Zoom call with family before they elope in Knoxville. A newly married couple emerge from the Knox County Courthouse. A couple kisses after eloping in Knoxville, TN. A couple with their marriage certificate at the Knox County Courthouse. A couple walks through a shower of rose petals after eloping. A newly married couple at the Knox County Courthouse. Collage of a couple that just eloped in Knoxville, TN. A couple that just eloped in Knoxville, TN, is getting ready to ride away on their scooter. A newly married couple ride away on a scooter with balloons.

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Stephanie & Andrew’s Knox County Courthouse Elopement

  1. Brenda Benham says:

    Congratulations, it looks like you had a wonderful, loving ceremony. Happy that your day was all about the two of you, your love and being happy.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. Inge Smith says:


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