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At-home Newborn Session with the Kolesars

On arriving at the Kolesar home that overlooks Melton Hill lake, Kristin and Ken were taking turns walking and bouncing baby Evelyn. 

Double-masked, sanitized, and gloved (hello, COVID!), I met Evelyn for the first time and watched as her dad carefully put on a pair of tiny, white pants and a little matching jacket with ears on it. Can we all agree that every baby should have warmies with tiny ears? I can’t get enough of it!

After some snuggling and swaddling, we were ready to document Evelyn’s first Christmas with her parents. Mom and Dad pulled out all the stops, bringing out a plush bunny and coaxing out some smiles. Evelyn was happy to be on a cozy couch staring around in wonder of everything around her.

When we put her on a blanket on the ground, she seemed particularly interested in my camera’s shutter. I’m not sure if it was the big, black lens in her face, the click of the shutter, or my bright orange mask, but she stayed enthralled for a few minutes before wanting to be picked up again. 

Eventually, Evelyn let us know that she was done with photo time and needed a nap. Before I left I snuck in just a few more photos of Ken snuggling and comforting his tiny daughter. Family photos are definitely special, but I feel like there’s also something equally as magical about the mother-daughter and father-daughter photos that I’m not sure how to put into words.

Congratulations to Kristin and Ken on this beautiful new addition to your family! I hope these photos bring your joy and sweet memories for many years to come. And welcome to the world, Evelyn Hazel! Many years from now, decades into the future, I hope you look at these photos and know just how much you were wanted and cherished!

The Kolesars hold their newborn daughter in their Knoxville home.
Collage from the Kolesars' newborn session at their home in Knoxville.
The tiny feet of a newborn girl being held by her mother.
A mother holds her newborn daughter in their Knoxville home.
The Kolesars with their newborn daughter in their Knoxville home.
The Kolesars hold their newborn daughter in their Knoxville home.

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At-home Newborn Session with the Kolesars

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