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Christian Family at Sequoyah Hills Park

Meet the Christian family! Christi and Matt Christian and their five children are new to town, and I feel so lucky that they found me and chose me as their photographer. This family is full of kindness, joy, love, and lots and lots of giggles, as you’ll see!

We met at Sequoyah Hills Park in Cherokee Hills, and the leaves were juuuuuust right! Bright oranges, yellows, and reds glowing in the sunshine. The beautiful autumn light was perfectly golden, and the temperature was chilly but not too cold for us to have fun. Basically, it was the perfect fall day.

Meeting the Christians felt like hanging out with old friends. They are all so warm and open, and the kids were so friendly and sweet. Their family is extra special because it includes two sets of twins, the oldest two and the youngest two! It was so much fun capturing all of the children interacting. They even brought their new puppy, a tiny King Charles spaniel named DJ! 

Christi was excited about having family photos done for the first time in four years and was interested in me capturing natural smiles and interactions. So we focused on getting some family photos and some images of the kids being kids! (Playing independently of mom and dad!) That really allowed their personalities to shine, and each one seemed to have fun being in the spotlight for a bit.

I love the photos we got of the kids laughing, running, and playing. They definitely brought out their natural smiles and silliness. We also had time to get photos of Christi and Matt by themselves as well. The kids were happy to run around in the park anyway!

Thanks again to the Christian family for the honor of being your photographer! It’s great to meet awesome families like yours, and I hope to see you again in the future.

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Christian Family at Sequoyah Hills Park

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