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Kolesar Family: Evelyn’s First Birthday

This is my third time working with Kristin and Ken Kolesar, but only my second time meeting Baby Evelyn. The last time I saw her, she was just a few months old and couldn’t do much on her own. This time around, Evelyn just celebrated her first birthday, shares lots of smiles and giggles, and is starting to take steps (with a little assistance!)

We were at the Kolesars’ house again for this session, and the trees were amazing with their fall colors! Their property is beautiful, set on a ridge just above Melton Hill lake. But this time, we didn’t venture down to the lake. Instead, we stayed up on the ridge in the midst of the beautiful leaves in the fading sunlight. 

Evelyn loves to be on the move, so mom and dad tried to keep her engaged with a lot of bouncing, hugs, and assisted walking. She also loves waving, and I caught her waving at me in a few of the photos! 

We were also joined by Hazel, the large and fluffy family dog, who you’ll see in some of the photos. She acts like a brave guard dog and closely watches her humans, but she will melt into a puddle in an instant!

I love the big smiles and range of emotions we got from Evelyn in the photos, especially when her mom and dad both snuggled and hugged her at the same time. And the serious, contemplative face she gives while sitting inside on her mom’s lap in the fading light is just perfect. I hope these will be the photographs that Evelyn cherishes more and more as she grows older.

Many thanks to the Kolesar family for choosing to work with me again! I hope your photos bring you many years of happiness and remind you of the joy of Evelyn’s first birthday.

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Kolesar Family: Evelyn’s First Birthday

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