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Sophia’s Headshot Session at Talahi Park

This gorgeous lady reached out to me after seeing my headshot work with the CAC AmeriCorps program. Sophia said she needed headshots for some future ventures that she wants to make happen. And I totally understand. It’s always a good idea to have recent headshots on hand. With online communication being everything these days, it’s important: now more than ever!

Sophia and I met on a recent evening at Talahi Park in Sequoyah Hills. This is one of my favorite locations for headshots. It’s a perfect blend of natural and structural elements that lends itself well for both professional and more laid-back headshots. Not to mention the unique European feel and art deco stonework really add to the ambiance!

I like to get a variety of poses and image styles for my headshot clients. A classic shoulders-up headshot is a must, but it also helps to have some alternate images. For Sophia, we focused on images that would serve her well for a few different situations and needs.

I also want to point out what a great job she did with her outfit here! We were aiming for more “lifestyle headshots” rather than professional portraits, so this ensemble was just perfect. When in doubt, follow Sophia’s lead and choose classic, clean elements that won’t date you or scream, “Hello, 2021!” 

Black jeans: always a solid choice. Cream sweater: completely timeless. It worked in the 1950s, and it still works today! Jean jacket: great for many seasons and many occasions. Her look is fresh but timeless, which is super appropriate for what she wanted. Bravo, Sophia!

She was also a natural in front of my lens, which always makes my job so fun! Many thanks, Sophia, for trusting me with your lifestyle headshots! And I wish you the best of luck with your future ventures. Bright things are ahead of you!

If you need new or updated headshots, I invite you to reach out! Let’s talk about your specific needs and how I can help.

A collage of Sophia Etienne's headshots at Talahi Park.
A collage of Sophia Etienne standing and sitting at Talahi Park.
A collage of Sophia Etienne's branding photo session at Talahi Park in Knoxville.

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Sophia’s Headshot Session at Talahi Park

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