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Amye Cole’s Headshots at Talahi Park

It is always such a pleasure working with my sweet neighbor and friend Amye Cole! Amye reached out needing headshots for her professional practice website. 

I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s always, always, always a good idea to have recent headshots ready to go, especially for professionals. You never know when you’ll need a photo for a speaker bio, web feature, or social media shoutout. With online communication being absolutely everything these days, it’s important: now more than ever! 

Amye and I met at one of my favorite spots in Knoxville: Talahi Park. It’s a perfect blend of natural and structural elements that lends itself well for both professional and more laid-back headshots. Not to mention the unique European feel and art deco stonework that really add to the ambiance!

I like to get a variety of poses and image styles for my headshot clients. A classic shoulders-up headshot is a must, but it also helps to have some alternate images. For Amye, we focused on images that would serve her well on her webpage. In her final photo package, Amye received images that she’ll be able to swap out on her website depending on what look she wants and what she wants to portray!

Another way I try to add value for my clients is by asking them to bring accessories to their session. So in Amye’s case, she brought two scarves and two jackets. While we don’t have time for a wardrobe change in these sessions, there is definitely time to swap a scarf or jacket. This is a really simple switch that will give you more variety in the end. It’s super simple to just bring a little bag with your extra scarf, jacket, or necklace.

Amye, thank you so much for trusting me again with your photography needs! It’s always a pleasure to work with you! (I have been lucky enough to also take her maternity and family photos!) I hope these images serve you well on your webpage.

If you need new or updated headshots, I invite you to reach out! Let’s talk about your specific needs and how I can help.

A collage of Amye Cole's headshots at Talahi Park.
A collage of Amye Cole's professional branding photos at Talahi Park.
A collage of Amye Cole's professional headshots at Talahi Park in Knoxville.

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Amye Cole’s Headshots at Talahi Park

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