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One-Year Portraits at Meads Quarry

The air was crisp and chilly on this November afternoon, but little Caroline was a champ for her one-year portraits at Meads Quarry. Her little hands and nose kept getting chilly and would turn red, but there were only a few tears! After being wrapped in an afghan and being snuggled by mom and dad, her troubles turned to giggles for the most part.

I’m so pleased that we were able to capture some of her favorite activities: playing with dinosaur (see below for the cutest stuffed dino ever), waving hello and goodbye, clapping, and practicing walking. She had actually just started walking (with mom’s help) the week of our session! Being thrown into the air by Dad seemed to be a really fun activity, too.

These young parents have a palpable love for their sweet girl. I hope that these images will be a treasure to this little one when she grows up, as well as a treasure for her parents.

Is there a milestone coming up in your family? Let’s chat about family portraits to help you remember the occasion! Email me at to get on my schedule.

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Mother and father with their smiling baby at Meads Quarry. Baby playing with her stuffed dinosaur at Meads Quarry. A baby wearing a hat at Meads Quarry in Knoxville.Baby clapping at Meads Quarry. Family portrait of parents and their baby in Knoxville. Baby wrapped in a blanket at Meads Quarry in Knoxville. Mother and father playing with their baby at Meads Quarry. Mother and father with their baby at Meads Quarry. Mother and father with their baby at Meads Quarry.

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One-Year Portraits at Meads Quarry

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