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A mother whispering to her son at Baker Creek Preserve.

Looking for the perfect spot for your family photos? Look no further! I’ve collected my top five favorite spots. Sure, there are plenty of other places, but these are my top picks. Baker Creek Preserve Yes, I love this place! Not only are there some great mountain biking trails and natural play areas, but it’s […]

Five Best Locations for Family Photos in Knoxville

Family portrait at Baker Creek Preserve in Knoxville.

OK, it’s time to announce the winner of the free mini-session that I’m giving away! Thank you to everyone who nominated your friends and family for the free mini-session! I appreciate your help, and I loved reading all of your beautiful suggestions. You all had such wonderful and kind things to say, and it was […]

Free Mini-Session Winner Announced!

Portrait of a mother and daughter in a swing at Baker Creek Preserve.

Yes, you read that correctly! šŸŽˆ Iā€™m giving away a FREE mini-session. šŸŽˆā£ ā£ One of the most important rituals I have is practicing gratitude. It helps me realize how much I have to be thankful for and how lucky I am. It also makes me want to give back! So, I want to find […]

I’m Giving Away a FREE Mini-Session!

A father holds a baby girl who has her fingers in her mouth.

A few years back, I got to photograph his beautiful family at one of my favorite spots: Baker Creek Preserve. At that time, they were a family of three. This time around, they are a family of four! Baby Alexandria is sooooo very calm just like her parents. She has three tiny teeth that I […]

Caraco Family Portraits at Baker Creek (Plus One!)

Family playing in the forest at Baker Creek Preserve.

It might go without saying, but kids can be difficult to photograph. Some of them are wiggly and run around a lot. Some of them make unnatural faces on purpose or default to “fake smile mode.” You know the face I’m talking about. Sometimes they run away from the camera completely! The good news is, […]

3 Tips for Photographing Children (even with a phone!)

Portrait of a young boy laughing at Baker Creek Preserve.

This month I had a photo session with the. coolest. kid. ever! Michael David is the sweetest little dinosaur aficionado you will ever meet. And just look at those sweet strawberry blond curls! His grandfather contacted me to take birthday photos of Michael David (he’s turning 4 this month!) in his Jurassic Park Ranger outfit, […]

Michael David at Baker Creek Preserve

Portrait of a mother and daughter in a swing at Baker Creek Preserve.

“I’m Spirit! I’m Spirit!” Little Zora proceeded to prance around like a pony and whinny all around Baker Creek Preserve, yelling this at the top of her tiny, little lungs. Spirit’s parents (Jen and Neal,) are pretty used to this and take it in great stride. Apparently, they had heard this same thing quite a […]

Knight Family at Baker Creek Preserve

A young boy laughing at Baker Creek Preserve.

“I have a boo-boo on my toe.” Arthur woefully told me about his hurt toe first thing when he got out of the car. Apparently, he had fallen down and scraped his shin and toe earlier in the day. This is a very big deal to a two-and-a-half-year-old, so I tried to be very understanding […]

Caraco Family Portraits at Baker Creek